Gabriel's Angels

Our Mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.


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Registered Therapy Teams, made up of an individual and his/her

companion pet, engage children to develop and improve healthy core

behaviors that are critical to normal development.

There are 7 Core Behaviors that Gabriel's Angels focuses on with the children they see at our partnering agencies.

Featured Core Behavior 


Attachment is a lasting, emotional bond between two people. Our first attachment begins in infancy with a parent or other primary caregiver. These early interactions shape the wiring in our brains as well as facilitate patterns for how we will establish and maintain relationships.

Trust is a pivotal component of healthy attachment and subsequent healthy emotional development. Infants develop a sense of trust or mistrust as a result of interactions with their primary caregiver. When the primary caregiver is able to respond to a child's needs in a predictable and nurturing manner, a trusting bond and healthy attachment patterns begin to develop. Failure to develop this sense of trust may lead to believe the world is a fearful, inconsistent and unpredictable place.

Trusting and secure children are more likely to be independent, to establish healthy relationships and friendships, and to feel more confident facing the challenges of growing up. Children that experience negative interactions with their primary caregiver may have difficulty achieving independence, may feel less confident than their peers, and may face challenges developing positive relationships.

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